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(Originally posted at The Inferior 4+1, November 25th 2012)

The year was 1965, and I was eleven years old and in love with THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. I had read the paperbacks that accompanied the series, and even subscribed to the digest magazine of the same name. So, naturally, I thought I could write my own adventure starring my heroes.

I laboriously typed up the tale, and bound it with cardboard and cellophane tape (now yellowed flakes). The first jpeg shows the little cover flap with blurb designed to lure readers into the tale.

I might have shown it to my best friend Stephen Antoniou, who was equally besotted with the show, but certainly it never passed through many hands. Almost fifty years old, it remains as my one and only foray into fanfic. My first “published” work?

If you click on the images, you can read some of the text, if you’re so inclined.