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Harp, Pipe and Symphony cover artPrime Books

October 2004

limited edition hardcover 1-93099-780-9

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In this, Di Filippo’s first fantasy novel ever, Thomas the Rhymer confronts humans and faery and monsters, in a quest through lands known and unknown . . . but can he survive the machinations of the Faery Queen?


Di Filippo’s lyrical debut fantasy novel, conceived when he was 18 and written a decade later, features an innocent young hero much in the mold of Voltaire’s Candide. After a brief, unexpected meeting with his doppelgänger, perhaps the book’s most original if overly enigmatic figure, Thomas Rhymer strides down the Great Road to discover a world “where everything’s in harmony.” In a series of mild adventures, Rhymer encounters scoundrels, liars, villains and even an upside-down castle. The action picks up a bit when he comes across the scrumptious tidbit Mab, Queen of Faerie, whom he later catches reading Candide.

(from Publishers Weekly)