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The Weird Universe explores a human and natural cosmos that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine. The usual suspects are Paul Di Filippo; Alex Boese, curator of the Museum of Hoaxes; and Chuck Shepherd, purveyor of News of the Weird.

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  • Cremain Frisbees
    When "Steady" Ed Headrick, inventor of the Frisbee, died in 2002, he left instructions in his will that he wanted his ashes to be incorporated into discs so that he could fly like a frisbee. His wishes were honored, and you can still buy a set of these cremain frisbees at the Disc Golf Association for $200. Discraft, the company that made the "Steady" Ed Memorial Frisbees, explained: "We understand that some people may not want to play with the discs and they might end up on a wall as collectibles. Therefore, we are selling the discs as sets of two so that you can at least play with one and keep the other in a pristine state." There's also a single Steady Ed Cremain Frisbee with a different design for sale on eBay, currently going for $89.99.
  • Follies of the Madmen #294
    My favorite part is when this fellow puts his clasped hands to his cheek like a maiden about to faint.
  • Atomic Shave
    This young British atomic technician is getting his whiskers chopped at the hands of a "barber" on the other side of the thick glass wall (rear). These mechanical hands will be used in delicate "hot chemistry" work enabling the chemist to stand behind shielding and well beyond deadly radiation. Source: Newsweek - Mar 18, 1957
  • Richie Jackson Skateboarding
    Four million views, but perhaps new to YOU!
  • Well-known billionaire cashes 13-cent check
    Back in 1990, Spy magazine conducted an experiment in "comparative chintziness." Its goal was to find out "Who is America's cheapest zillionaire?" Or, put another way, "how cheap are the rich?" To determine this they sent various rich people each a check for 13 cents, and then waited to see who would actually cash such a tiny check. Two people did: Donald Trump and the Saudi Arabian businessman Adnan Khashoggi. And yes, they made sure to send the checks to the home addresses of the rich people, and not to their accountants. So that the recipient would have to do a little bit of work to cash the check. Springfield News-Leader - June 6, 1990
  • Akmo Hair Grower
    Unlike most patent remedies, there is no information that I can find for Akmo. I wonder what ingredients were in it. Original ad here. I assume it could be safely used with this product. Second ad here.

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  • What I've Been Up to for the Past Few Weeks September 22, 2016
    The above are seeds of something called “burr clover” or “burr medic.”  [Not actual size, fortunately -- they're about a quarter of an inch in diameter.]   They are also something that has completely taken over my backyard.The only way to get rid of them is to comb over your backyard and try to pick all of them up.  But because they’re sneaky little bastards, when you do this you tend to miss hundreds (I’m not kidding — literally hundreds) of seeds, and those seeds take root and grow, and those new plants send out tendrils with more seeds, and the seeds explode over your backyard, and the whole cycle starts up again.  So then you have to go through the yard again, and find out that you’ve missed a bunch more over here and a whole new patch of burr clover is flourishing in that corner over there… Even worse, you discover that one has attached itself to the bottom of your shoe, and if you hadn’t noticed it you would have been responsible for transplanting a whole new colony of them to another section of the yard.  They’re sneaky bastards, like I said.It gets to the point where, when you go to sleep, you see piles of seeds behind your eyes.  Where your dreams are filled with delightful visions of flame torches burning the entire backyard to a crisp.  Where you start referring to the seeds in the same way you would talk about vermin, or vampires — “a nest of seeds.”  Where you think of them as evil, as something put on this earth solely to torment you.  Where you become compulsive about rooting them out, and feel antsy if you can’t spend at least a few minutes stooping over the ground and muttering to yourself.  Where you come in from your travails exhausted, and close your eyes, and see flames licking through your backyard, and you smile.
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