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The Weird Universe explores a human and natural cosmos that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine. The usual suspects are Paul Di Filippo; Alex Boese, curator of the Museum of Hoaxes; and Chuck Shepherd, purveyor of News of the Weird.

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  • Skin Furniture
    Artist Gigi Barker has created "skin stools" and "skin chairs" that are designed to look, feel, and smell like human skin. Specifically, sitting on them is supposed to mimic the sensation of sitting on a "rather portly stomach." She achieves the smell part by impregnating the furniture with human pheromones and aftershave. More info at and at Barker's website.
  • Japanese Schoolgirl Parkour
    Already showing five million+ views--but maybe as new to you as it was to me?
  • Busted by a tornado
    A tornado recently ripped through the town of Kingsport, Tennessee, damaging homes and scattering belongings, including all the stuff that Jerrod Christian had in his home, allowing his neighbors to see it and realize that 'Hey, wait a second! That looks like our stuff that was recently stolen.' One of Christian's neighbors said, "I kind of had suspicions, but you can't just accuse people without proof." Christian is now locked up, awaiting trial. [ABC News]
  • Simplex Typewriter
    Original ad here. From 1891 to at least 1948. Not a bad run for any toy. More info here.
  • Tattoo Baby Dolls
    An art project by Sherri Wood. Check out the full gallery of her dolls at her site,
  • An American Hippie in Israel
    Caution: brief flashes of uncovered upper female chest area and two swears.

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Recent posts:

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    My newest column at ASIMOV'S:
  • New Review at the B&NR July 30, 2014
    Nick Harkaway's third novel is superb. And check out the redesign of the Barnes & Noble Review site!
  • My Books Become E-books... July 26, 2014
    My books are being converted to e-books by Open Road Media.  I just saw the covers and thought they were pretty great (though can you call something a cover if it doesn't, y'know, cover anything?).  I can't post them until they're okayed, but if you're interested, keep an eye out here.
  • New Review at the B&NR July 24, 2014
    I take a look at Paul Park's new novel:
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    I look at a pair of good story collections:
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    I look at some essays on SF: