(Originally reviewed on Dec 22, 2008 in Publisher’s Weekly)
Paul Di Filippo / Author . PS Publishing $40 (319p) ISBN 978-1-905834-34-9


Di Filippo’s 13th collection shows off his knack for intelligently developing imaginative concepts. The previously unpublished “A Game of Go,” which shares the universe of his Nebula-nominated “Kid Charlemagne,” offers a nice variation on a traditional hard-boiled detective theme as ex-cop Leon Deatherage helps a woman whose troubled personal situation may have global political implications. More overtly genred, the space opera “Shipbreaker” introduces a host of intriguing alien races. Social satire manifests in short punchy entries such as “Leakage,” in which classic 1950s television shows are affected by contemporary crudity and violence, and “Everywhere Is Now,” in which worldwide refugee crises come to Everytown, U.S.A. Readers who have missed Di Filippo’s previous collections (most recently 2006′s Plumage from Pegasus ) will find this an excellent introduction to his work.