Chronological list of Paul's Novels

Cambrian Publications

May 2004

signed, 300 copy edition hardcover 1-87891-406-5

acid-free trade paper 978-187891-406-4


April 2013

Digital edition from e-reads




CASH. Dollars. Dinero. Euros. Pounds. Rubles. Yen. Buckaroos. Megabucks. Moolah. Smackers. Bread. Simoleans. Spondulix! Money makes the world go ’round. But Rory Honeyman’s money makes the world turn faster. Spinning out of control, in fact.

From the Great Plains to Mexico City, to Canada, to Europe, to — to Hoboken…? Yes, Hoboken.

Rory’s life’s peculiar adventures seem to grind to a halt in Hoboken, only to suddenly lurch wildly in a new, unexpected direction. And it’s all because he has unwittingly created a new species of cash cow.

Rory must go where no beekeeper has gone before, armed only with a handful of beer nuts and an endless supply of blank checks that never bounce. Guided by an albino, egged on by a saline-snorting sandwich gourmet, misappropriated by a devious banker, Rory is facing long odds.

Will he go down fighting or be saved by the belle?

Rory’s track record with women is remarkable, but does little to inspire confidence: that cute little tightrope-walker and her contortionist ex-boyfriend… that sultry half-Japanese artist who left him to share the albino’s bed… that lively pair of kinky lesbians…

With Rory Honeyman, it’s always been about money and women. Women and money. No, maybe it’s just women; by the time Hoboken has finished with Rory, money will be the least of his worries.


(Introduction by Rudy Rucker)

PS Publishing

  • May 2003
  • hardcover 1-90288-066-8
  • softcover 0-74349-822-4
  • also available as an ibook (October 2004)


Fantastic Books

  • October 2009
  • softcover 1-60459-890-5


Paul Girard is a morose ex-hippy working in a dead-end bookshop job and grappling with the mysteries of life. He’s expecting a quiet breakfast before the shop opens for business. He’s not expecting to be visited by a universe-hopping robot shrub from an alternate future, who offers him a ticket to all the parallel realities he can imagine in the form of a quantum yo-yo. Failure of a whole new order of magnitude awaits him.


How badly could you screw up when granted access to infinite worlds conforming to your heart’s most intimate desires? No matter how much of a botch you or I might make of such a miraculous gift, rest assured that Paul Girard, hapless middle-aged bookstore clerk, can hilariously surpass your worst fumblings and missteps. Visited one morning by a dimension-hopping artificial intelligence named Hans, Paul is given the ability to jump instantly to any world he can envision. But without truly knowing himself, Paul soon discovers that framing a wish that gets the expected results is not as easy as it first appears. From the depths of the Big Bang to a world where hippies rule; from a land of Amazons to one of where life is a video-game; from a society where cooperation means everything to one where individual chaos rules – across these bizarre dimensions and many others, Paul races in the search for happiness, love, wealth, status – and the answer to the Ontological Pickle. Acquiring comrades and enemies along the way, our feckless alternaut reaches a cul-de-sac from which the only exit is death. And then his adventures really begin..

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(introduction by Michael Bishop)

PS Publishing

April 2002

signed limited edition hardcover 1-90288-047-4

May 2003

ebook from Fictionwise





A moderately modern city, pulsing with music and commerce, seemingly of infinite length, yet only as broad as a wide avenue, flanked on one side by Heaven, on the other by Hell. Such is the milieu intimately familiar to — and mostly unquestioned by — the millions of average humans who inhabit the Linear City. Yet a small band of seekers do indeed ponder their odd lot, the genesis and fate of their strange habitation. Among the speculatively minded are a small group of writers who specialize in what they call “Cosmogonic Fiction.” And among these men and women we find Diego Patchen, one of the younger luminaries of his set. A Year in the Linear City is the story of Diego and his friends, their loves and rivalries, their failures and triumphs, during one pivotal year beneath the Seasonsun and Daysun, in forbidding sight of The Other Shore and The Wrong Side of the Tracks. Careers will flourish, comrades will part forever, subterranean adventures will endanger both soul and city, and a fateful expedition to far off Blocks will bring new and challenging perspectives, leaving no one unchanged.

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